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About Me

I have been practising Reiki for over 15 years and have used it as a go-to to assist with all of life's ups and downs. I love the way reiki gently but effectively works holistically on the mind, body and spirit. It connects us to our higher self and back to our truth. Holding a safe space and supporting my clients connect to the unconditional love that reiki offers is a true honour.

"Reiki is the eternal energy of the universe. The presence, the light and the reiki is simply magic."  Sarah Jane

I offer soul journeys to the akashic records for my clients. I am humbled by the experience of connecting people back to their souls, helping them unlock the secrets held there and lifting the veils of their deep knowing. The akashic records are your soul library. Journeys into the records connect you with unconditional love, provide powerful healings and give the guidance you are seeking.

I have worked as a  senior Health, Safety and Wellbeing executive in the corporate world and am passionate about the wellbeing of individuals, our community and mother earth. I believe that by healing ourselves we help heal the collective. 

The world needs us in our truth and in our power.

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"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"



My Treatments

Not much time?

Too busy, but could benefit from checking in with your higher self

for some guidance, healing and unconditional love.

Offering 30 min Akashic Soul Journeys via Zoom.

These sessions are perfect for helping you get back into the flow of life


Contact me to book or

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All Online Treatments for December are offered as pay as you feel with $25 minimum

Reiki Soul Healing session

Reiki energetically heals the body, mind and spirit.  It's benefits include deep relaxation, a sense of calmness and a gentle connection back to yourself.

Before the healing starts I will help you  set an intention  so the magical and loving reiki energy can be channelled where it is needed most. 

During the session relaxing and healing music is played and crystals may be used to assist with the healing process.

1hr - $95

45 min - $75

Discount for health care card holders 

Distance Reiki Soul Healing session

Reiki energy connects on our spiritual and energetic levels so distant reiki sessions work as effectively because energy is not limited by distance, the same way love is not limited. 

Before a Distant Reiki session I will connect with you to understand your needs and intentions for the healing.  A list of healing music to listen to will be suggested.

Following the healing I will provide any messages that may have come through. And suggestions for crystals to connect to that will assist the healing process further.

1 hr  - $95

Reiki Infused

Akashic Soul Reading and Healing Journey

These sessions take you on a journey to connect you with your highest self, your soul guides, your inner wisdom and your true essence. 

Through a meditation lead journey you connect to the heart of Gaia, walk through your own magical secret garden and then travel up to your akashic records, your soul library.

There you receive high vibrational guidance and powerful energetic healing that is exactly what you need at that moment in time.

Questions can be answered about your soul purpose, the past, present and future.It is all there in the records.

These sessions are powerful and I feel honoured to be able to take clients 'home'.

1 hr - $120

1.5 hrs - $150

See below for packages

Akashic Record Packages - Three journeys with 

Akashic Record Packages

Full Moon

Soul Connection

Need guidance?

This package of three Akashic Soul Journeys will connect you to your authentic soul self. You will meet your soul guides,  explore and understand your soul purpose and connect to your wisdom, your gifts and your very own magic. For anyone looking to deepen their intuition and looking for clarity and guidance this package is recommended. 

It will help you step into your light and shine brightly 

Akashic Soul Journey packages

Energy Flow

Feeling stuck?

This package of three Akashic Soul Journeys will gently and lovingly help you release energetic blockages. 

This will connect you to the flow of unconditional love and light waiting for you in your soul library.

It will help you embody the beloved in yourself and allow you to access your full potential.


Wanting to create?

This package of three Akashic Soul Journeys will take you across time and space and help you create your future path with more ease.

You will collapse timelines that no longer serve you and connect to your master timeline.

This will help you manifest a future aligned with your soul purpose and your truth.

Packages are $250 
please call on 0421334362
to discuss these transformative journeys with me 



I  was new to reiki and, to be honest, a bit skeptical. Sarah has treated me on two occasions and the outcomes were really pleasing, on one occasion  my abdominal pains and on the other giving me a tremendous sense of relaxation. Sarah's calming demeanour and care contribute to a great experience.

I recently had an Akashic Record reading with Sarah. The session was powerful and gave me access to my soul guides, providing me with the answers to present life challenges and how to move forward. I felt safe with Sarah guiding me to the higher realms and accessing truth and eternal wisdom. The journey was healing on many levels.

Alison, Oct 21

I was guided to receive an Akashic Records reading from Sarah. What a magical experience it was! Sarah has an incredible ability to see visions and channel as she guides you into a beautiful space of information and healing. Her approach is so gentle and loving, giving you lots of space to feel and integrate the information that she receives. As I was seeing visions myself, it was amazing that Sarah could see, feel and receive everything as I was. She has a truly amazing gift which offered me the opportunity to receive healings, visions and information that has made me feel more connected and centred.

Leanne,  May 21

I was new to reiki and, to be honest, a bit skeptical. Sarah has treated me on two occasions and the outcomes were really pleasing, on one occasion easing my abdominal pains and on the other giving me a tremendous sense of relaxation. Sarah's calming demeanour and care contribute to a great experience.

Peter, Feb 21

Sarah took me to an incredible journey into my Akashic Records recently.  I was blown away with what I was shown and with Sarah’s help I discovered my connection to crystals and healing.
I highly recommend Sarah to help you open your Akashic Records and start your own journey of self discovery.
Thank you so much Sarah

Grace, Oct 21

I had an Akashic Records reading with Sarah, and it was such a profound experience. While I found it hard to explain to friends and even to myself, the experience was one that I will definitely remember. Sarah is a grounded and generous guide who meets you where you are and helped me feel supported, seen, and empowered throughout a pretty wild process! I’ve found energy work a bit daunting in the past but Sarah makes you feel very comfortable and at ease, I’ve raved about her to anyone that will listen, and can’t wait to work with her again!
After our reading, I felt so much peace and clarity and such a full heart, it’s a feeling I’ve been able to keep coming back to for the last week. Thank you Sarah!

Maddie, May 21

Sarah provided a safe and supportive space for my healing. I felt very relaxed and at ease.  The reiki made me feel rested and I slept really well that night. Highly recommend.

Sharon, Dec 20

I had a distant reiki and couldn't believe how much better I felt afterwards, lighter and calmer. Sarah also had some loving advice following the healing. It was magic.

Pam T. Feb, 21

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Peter B. Feb 2021

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